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  • Rust 1.66.0 or later
  • R 4.0.0 or later (Windows requires 4.2+)

Since WebGestaltR v1.0.0, Rust is used for core computations in the R package. Therefore, to install WebGestaltR, please download and install Rust from For Mac, Linux, or Unix users, Rust can be installed from the command line, and Windows users can download a GUI installer.

Restart your terminal after installing Rust to ensure the Rust compiler is available in your path. You can check that Rust is installed correctly by running rustc --version in your terminal.

After installing Rust, you can install WebGestaltR by running the following command in an R session:

# install.packages("devtools") # run if devtools not already installed

During installation, the Rust compiler will be called to build the computation library used by WebGestaltR. If you run into problems with installation of the new version, please open a new issue.