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Run a meta-analysis GSEA with files at the provided paths.


  • gmt_path - String of the path to the gmt file of interest
  • rank_files - Lists of Strings of the paths to the rank files of interest. Tab separated.


Returns a list of a list of dictionaries with the results containing the GSEA results for every set.

The first list contains the results of the meta-analysis. The following lists are the results for each list individually.


Panics if the any file is malformed or not at specified path.


import webgestaltpy

res = webgestaltpy.meta_gsea("kegg.gmt", ["rank_list1.txt", "rank_list2.txt"])

res would be a list containing the results of the meta-analysis and each list run individually. In this example, res[0] would look be the results of the meta-analysis. res[1] would be the results from rank_list1.txt, res[2] would be the results from rank_list2.txt, and so on.

See the documentation for webgestaltpy.gsea for specifics about the format of the results.